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Berrisom's Oops My Lip Tint Vivid Scarlet Review

Berrisom's Oops My Lip Tint Vivid Scarlet ReviewI love lip stains. Mostly because I haaaaate when lipstick smears around on everything I eat and drink. So when I hear of a lip stain that claims to last all day and didn't smudge, I had to check out Berrisom's Oops My Lip Tint.

Product Description: (from Memebox's website)

Experience a vivid pop of color onto your lips that lasts the entire day - No smudging, waterproof and transfer-free despite eating, drinking or even kissing! It’s a peel-off type of pack that leaves a vibrant color that lasts for over 12 hours without smearing or fading. This lip tint pack is enriched and fortified with premium herbal extracts such as aloe vera leaf extract, marine collagen, royal jelly extract, hyaluronic acid and honey.

COSDNA Ingredient Analysis: 

Water,Polpanyl Alcohol,Alcohol,1,2-Hexanediol,Citric Acid,Sodium Citrate Butylene Glycol,Pentylene Glycol,Carica Papaya (Papaya) Fruit Extract Fragrance,Honey Extract,Rosa Damascena Flower Water,Royal Jelly Extract Prunus Persica (Peach) Fruit Water, Vaccinium Angustifolium (Blueberry) Fruit Extract,Punica Granatum Fruit Extract Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice,Prunus Ayium (Sweet Cherry) Fruit Extract Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Fruit Extract,Hydrolyzed Collagen,CI 45410:1 Allantoin,Dipotassium Glycyrrhaate,Sodium Hyaluronate

There were NO ingredients that could possibly be irritable. 


Berrisom's Oops My Lip Tint Vivid Scarlet Review

The upper left corner is my lips with the tint on. It goes on in a heavy gel that dries on your lips. Unfortunately, this gel is really hard to apply precisely and you need to put on a thick even layer or it can look patchy.

The upper right corner shows me peeling the gel off my lips after having it dry for 15 minutes. It didn't hurt to peel off and didn't leave my lips dry but it did have a slight sour aftertaste that quickly dissipated.

The lower left corner are my lips right after staining and the lower right cover are my lips 4 hours later after eating a sandwich and drinking. I can still see the color on my lips after eating and drinking 4 hours later but no, its not as bright as when I first applied the tint. 

Things I liked:

  • It didn't smudge on anything my lips touched
  • The color lasts a long time, although I would argue it wouldn't last 12 hours looking as pristine as when you first applied
  • It didn't dry out my lips or make them look patchy

Things I dislike:

  • You have to leave it on for 15 minutes so I can only use this when I have a lot of time to get ready
  • The lip stain is hard to apply
  • You have to apply the lip stain thickly and evenly or else your lips will be tinted unevenly
  • If you try to talk with the lip stain on, your lips will stick together and you can't move them until its ready to take the stain off

Overall, I do  like this lip stain because it lasts so long compared to others I tried. It is a pain applying it but I think it is well worth it on days where you want your lip color to last without having to reapply every couple of hours.


Berrisom's Oops My Lip Tint Vivid Scarlet Review
Although I do like this lip stain, applying it is a royal pain in the butt and you really can't reapply it during the day. Because of its impracticality, I gave it 3 pandas. 

Where to buy it?

$9 each or $32 for a set of 6 at Memebox
$3.36 each or $16.04 for a set of 6 at Roseroseshop

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